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Screening can be a complicated process. If you have 300 candidates to one position, how do you make the screening process fast without losing quality? And if you only have few candidates, how do you find the most ideal match? With the Talent Recruitment Platform you will get effective tools to screen.


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Efficient management of applications


How many applications have arrived? Where are your team in the process? And who have you communicated with? YoungCRM makes it easy to get a transparent overview of your screening. Among other things, the following activities are registered in the system:

  • When a user changes the person’s data
  • When a user rates a person or changes the rating
  • When a user writes a message to the person
  • When a user writes a comment about the person
  • When a file is uploaded to the person card
  • When the person card is opened
  • When the person signs up via a form

Profile match – make screening intelligent


 Make screening more intelligent by getting a automatic match score of how suited an applicant is for the job position

 To make different matching criteria, you can insert your own questions about personal skills or job-specific competencies in the admission form and rate the possible answers in advance

 See if a candidate is better fit for another position in your organisation by showing the score for other job positions. In this way you can share applicants with team mates and create a bigger pool of candidates.

Collaborative rating


 Let your team members work together in the screening process to make it faster and more qualified

 Get an simple overview of how other team members have rated the candidate and learn in which parameters that you disagree

 Show the average score and collect the candidates who has the best overall score.

 Write comments and tag the name of the colleague, if you want a specific colleague pitch in

Automate your workflow


 Customise the work flows that you are using to manage people in YoungCRM.

 Change the “status” of a person and know exactly what step is required in the screening process

 Connect recruiters with specific job positions, persons or steps in the work flow

 When new applicants arrive, let the system automatically send a notification to the selected recruiter.


Give applicants a timely communication


You can manage mass screening without investing a lot of man power by setting up the entire mail flows so that messages runs automatically, when people fill out a form or you need to give rejection to a bigger group of applicants.

If you want to make your automatic mail seems personal, you can add insert so-called ’shortcodes’ with the receiver’s ID to the mail flow.

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More ways to use YoungCRM

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