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Lead tools are a proactive way to build an effective talent pipeline, make your organisation more accessible for candidates and convert your visitors to become prospects or applicants.


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Capture leads online and offline


 Make you own forms to your website, where you can sign people up e.g. to your newsletter, to join your talent bank or get contacted by a consultant

 Collect contacts at job fairs and other events by making people sign up on their own phones or by using a laptop/iPad of yours

 Import contacts manually, e.g. if people sign up on paper or one of your consultants have a phone call with a prospective candidate

 Use API to sign up contacts from a third party software, e.g. an app.


Build a beautiful career landing page


It is important to show off your employer brand to possible candidates, e.g. tell more about your company culture and how it is to be a part of your organisation. With YoungCRM, you can make your own career landing page without being a design expert. 

A landing page can be used in many ways. You can make a landing page for a specific job position or you make a broader career section representing the whole organisation. No matter you purpose, a landing page will help you attract candidates.


Embed live chat online


The chat module of YoungCRM will give you a new way to interact with the potential candidates on your website and lead them into your CRM system as a new contact.

As research shows, many people today actually prefers live chat over other service channels such as e-mail and telephone. Corresponding, research shows that people seems to have a higher trust to websites with live chat modules. Thus, getting a live chat will not only help you capturing leads, but also improving your employer brand.

Retarget your prospects


To convince candidates to become applicants, you can use retargeting as a marketing strategy.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising which will put a cookie on users once they have fill out a form on your website. When your cookied visitors browse the Web, they will see your ads about your job positions on other websites, e.g. news site.

In this way, you can advertise to potential candidates on a regular basis, so they keep remembering you.

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More ways to use YoungCRM

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