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It is important to make the application process nice and fun for candidates, but also workable for the recruiter. With our platform you can collect more data about the applicants than you would get in a “regular” application.


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Built your own application forms easily


 Design your own application forms and make them good looking.

 Create your own data fields in the forms or use our default fields.

 State which fields are required to fill out and add a short description to each field so people know how to fill them out.

 Aligned the form with your brand by adding logo, cover photo and default color.

Integrate video answers in the applications


 Let people upload or record a video presentation as a part of the application

 Ask specific questions about different topics or let the candidates tell about their personality

 Choose how many video recording you include and how long each time frame are.


Test the approach of applicants


 Collect more data about the applicants than you would get in a “regular” application with applicant test consisting of predefined questions

 Use our default tests, which focus at the candidates personality, work style, motivation, behaviour and preferred work surroundings

 Make your own test, where you predefine the score of how attractive every answer is for you, e.g. in scale from 1-10.

Get your own job board and show your open positions


 Get a built-in job portal that automatically will show your new job position directly on your website without any hassle

 Sort your job positions in different categories and geographic locations, making it easy for people to get an overview

 Align the visual elements of your job board to the design of your website.

Let users get a personal profile


 Give applicants access to a personal profile by mail

 Let applicants use the profile to make conversations with your team, like in Facebook Messenger

 Let applicants administrate their job agents and update their own personal information

 Let applicants see their own video uploads

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