Manage candidates

… with a CRM system


The core of the recruiting platform is a CRM (candidate relationship management) system. The CRM system gives you an transparent overview of the status of potential and current candidates, keep track of who is who and streamline your communication across colleagues. It will also give you tools to analyse your candidates and group them into different segments.


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View all types of candidates


 Collect all communication and information about candidates in the application card and get an transparent overview of all activities

 Store all information in regulation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

 Divide people into different segments to manage a specific group of candidates

 Search in your talent database to find possible applicants

Create Insight reports


In YoungCRM you can create statistics that automatically shows you information about the people you have collected. For instance, it tells you who they are and where they were collected from. You can create reports on any audience, and with a frequency of your own choice.

It takes some time to walk through all the data YoungCRM Insight generates, but this is worthwhile as the knowledge gained can be used to improve recruiting and marketing towards your target groups, e.g. make your sure that you appeal to the right ones, when you are recruiting.

See entire conversations


 You can have a conversation with a person directly through YoungCRM. In this way you can skip the part of setting up an email client.

 All the conversations with a person are collected in one place, this make it possible to chat like in Facebook Messenger

 When a person responds to your message, you’ll receive a notification making it easy to return to the person

 View the conversation history between other team members and a specific candidate and know the candidate better


Manage your own events


 Make your own registration forms to events and collect information about the people who participate: Where are they from? Are the potential candidates? And what are they interested in?

 Get an overview of registered people, participants and cancellations and make an automatic waiting list to people who wish to join the event.

 Communicate directly with the event participants, e.g. giving them more details by e-mail, or sending them a SMS reminder of the event


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More ways to use YoungCRM

CRM is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.