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A way to convert and keep you good relations with your prospective student is to nurture them with relevant information, invitations and messages and to show you still are interested in them.

When you engage with prospects, you can’t communicate 1:1 like a student counsellor can do – it will simply take too much time and effort. Instead you need to think in target groups, mail automation and marketing campaigns.


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Create target groups and convince through campaigns


An education institution will often get in contact with different kind of people. Some are prospects interested in a specific field of study. Some are foreigners searching for an exchange programme. Some prospects are still too young to start the education

In YoungCRM you can manage your marketing effort by creating your own target groups. As a user in YoungCRM this is easy. You can choose your own filters and save as many target group as you want. When you are ready to distribute your message to the target group, you can start making different type of marketing campaigns.

Visualize your marketing


Visual identity is an important factor to get success with your marketing activities – especially for a young target group who is used to web content with nice aesthetics.

  • In YoungCRM you can easily design your email by selecting background colour, adding logo and cover photo. This will align your email communication to your brand and make the email more presentable.
  • To add elements to the email, e.g. pictures, videos, links, button and text, you can simply drag them from the bar to the right. It is very user friendly and looks great immediately.

Automate your marketing


You can manage mass recruitment without investing a lot of man power by setting up the entire mail flows so that messages runs automatically. By automating your marketing, you can hit the right people with the right message at the right time.

  • Set up an automated mail flow every time a person submits a form on your website, clicks a link in an email or get added to a new target group.
  • Make the mail personal by inserting so-called ’shortcodes’ with the receiver’s ID to the mail flow.

Use data from YoungCRM to plan your marketing efforts


You can use data from the CRM to streamline your marketing activities and pinpoint the ideal target group. This can help you to better tailor your messaging, plan what events you should attend, what kind of new content you should post, and which type of people you should try convince further.

  • Backtrack your current students – which kind of interest do they typically have? Where do they geographically come from? What is the age group?
  • See relevant statistics for your mail and SMS distribution. See how many have opened your email and how many have clicked the link/links in the email.

Retarget your prospects


To convince prospects to become new students, you can use retargeting as a marketing strategy.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising which will put a cookie on users once they have fill out a form on your website. When your cookied visitors browse the Web, they will see your ads about your institution on other websites, e.g. news site.

In this way, you can advertise about new offers to your prospects on a regular basis, so they keep remembering you.


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