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With YoungCRM you will get different kind of ways to make people sign up to your CRM. These lead tools will expand your amount of potential students and save you the manual time of registrering prospects.


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Build your own online forms


With the Student Attraction Platform, it’s possible to register people manually … But signing people up manually only makes sense if you have been in contact with the person by phone or only registrer a limited number of people. To manage a bigger amount of prospects – from online and offline channels – you need to build online forms.

  • Let visitors join your newsletter
  • Let visitors get contacted by a student counselor
  • Let visitors join a survey or get access to a webinar

Capture leads at fairs and your own events


A traditional way to meet up with potential students is at education fairs or open house. At these events, you can share your brochures and give the right information face to face.

A way to use events strategically is by leading interested visitors into your CRM, e.g. by bringing an iPad or PC and make people sign up for more information. In this way, you can build future relationsship with the prospective students and let them remember you after the events.

Get a live chat module


The chat module of our Student Recruitment Platform will give you a new way to interact with the potential students on your website and lead them into your CRM system as a new contact.

With the younger generation, using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as the preferred way to communicate, a chat module is a future channel for education institutes to connect with visitors.

Design beautiful landing pages


With our platform it is possible for you to create beautiful landing pages all by yourself – without the need for web designers – and use the pages to direct visitors directly into the CRM.

  • You can make specific landing pages to promote specific educations
  • You can make a landing page for people signing up to your open house event
  • You can make landing pages in different languages to target international students

Get contact details via API


API stands for Application Programming Interface and is designed as a translator between two different kind of web-based software.

The way you can use an API to capture lead is when you want to collect information from a third party software, e.g. a chatbot or an app, and send it to the CRM system.

With our integrated API you can easily collect information from other software. This is useful if you have collected data about people by other means than forms via YoungCRM, or if you’re moving people from another system.

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More ways to use YoungCRM

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