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To make sure that every student enrols and gets the best possible start at your school, you need to prioritise on-boarding. In YoungCRM, your admission team is provided with simple and effective on-boarding tools.


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Enrolment Information


A key to a great onboarding process is communication. YoungCRM gives you four different ways to communicate with admitted students.

 Build your own personal and engaging emails

Send text messages to students with reminders of important activities

 Communicate with the individual student in the conversation module

 Embed a chat module on your student welcome sites


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Welcome-site Builder


Many schools have a broad welcome site for new students giving them information about student life, IT, accommodation etc.

To improve your student on-boarding, it is a good idea to make more specific welcome site pages made for different audiences. In this way, you can give welcome information for a specific group of students, e.g. give them details about course registration, introductory events, and their coming teachers and class.

In YoungCRM your admission team will get access to a drag-and-drop landing page builder, so you can build specific welcome site landing pages without further technical proficiency.


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Introductory Meetings


In YoungCRM you can create and manage your own introductory meetings in order to give new students important information about different aspects of your school and how it is to study.

In the Event module, you will get an overview of registered people, participants, and cancellations; and you can make an automatic waiting list to people who wish to join the meeting. It is also possible to communicate directly with the participants, e.g. give them more details by e-mail, or sending them a text message reminder of the event.


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