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In YoungCRM, your team gets powerful tools to manage every prospective student and give them the best possible counseling.


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Collect Information


With YoungCRM you can quickly form a picture of the prospective students in a single integrated contact record with access to all personal information and every activity the student has had with your school.

See which marketing emails the prospects have received and opened

 See a list of events the prospects have participated in

See every mail correspondence the students have had with your school


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Organise Prospects


YoungCRM helps your admission team to get a better overview of the prospective students.

Arrange the prospects in different groups and folders, e.g. make a group for international students and a folder with different groups of parents

 Specify which fields (e.g. gender, country, city, age, and workflows status) that you want to make visible in the CRM-system.

 Get notifications when prospective students are outdated and need to be deleted from a group


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Build Workflows


When a CRM system has a big amount of prospects, it can be difficult to follow up on every lead. By creating your own workflows, it becomes easier for your admission team to prioritize the students and give the right kind of advice.

In the workflow, you have different phases, e.g. how much interest the students have shown in your school. When the current status changes, e.g. the interest increases, you can change the status with a few clicks.


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Counselling Sign-up


 Create your own sign-up forms and embed them on your admission website

Send an automatic email when the prospective student requests a counselling session

Let the student book an available time slot on your calendar


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1:1 Conversations


To give the best possible counseling to students, you need to make it easy for your admission team to communicate. In YoungCRM you are provided with an integrated conversation module, where your admission team can communicate 1:1 with prospects without using a mail client.


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