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In YoungCRM, you can easily build your own application forms and make your student admission processes paperless.


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Form builder


In YoungCRM it is easy to tailor your own admission form. You can create your own data fields or use our default fields and add a short description to the fields so people know how to fill them out.

An admission form made in YoungCRM is always good looking and aligned with your brand, e.g. you can add a logo, cover photo, and default color background. In the admission form, it is also easy to include the right terms and contents to make sure that you are compliant with GDPR.


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Application flow


The purpose of the application flow is to make it possible for students to upload information and missing files to complete the application, e.g. make students write a personal essay or include a personality test to measure the ‘personality fit’ of applicants to the school.

You can choose to show the application flow immediately after the application has been sent by redirecting them to another page or you can send a link in the email receipt.


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Make students create a video essay


More and more universities and colleges give the option for applicants to submit a video essay to give students the opportunity to be creative, straightforward and show their personality. In the application flow, you can also collect videos.

To make the recording easier for students, you can ask them specific questions about different topics. It is always your own choice how many video recordings you allow the student to upload or record and how long each time frame is.


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Let applicants use your live chat


To make the applications process easier for prospective students you can get a live chat module for your admission site or embed it directly into your admission forms and application flows – making it possible for students to contact your admission team directly if they have any questions.

In the live chat module, you also have the possibility to integrate a Help Center – where you can integrate online guides and FAQ.


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Be in touch with applicants


When a prospective student uploads an application or still need to complete the application flow, you can set up automatic emails or text messages to be sent to the applicants. It is easy to make the email or text message flow personal by including “shortcodes”, e.g. their name and the specific student programme they apply for.

Another way to communicate with applicants is by giving them a personal profile by email. Here applicants can write messages directly to your admission team like in Facebook Messenger.


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