Empower your team

To become better attractors and recruiters


When an organisation needs to integrate a new technology, it always requires an effort to change people’s behaviour and transform the usual routines. At YoungCRM, we have a team of training specialists dedicated to help your organisation adapting to the new software possibilities.


How to become an YoungCRM expert

Read short tutorials in our HelpCenter that cover basic functionality for users

Get online training of the key persons who will be handling the system

Webinars tailored for your team members to attract and recruit better

 Onsite workshops to educate a large number of end users


Find ways to configure YoungCRM better

The training courses are not only a useful way to make your team learn using the platform. The learning courses are also a way to test how the platform actually works in practice for your team when they use this knowledge to configure and customise the platform.

During the training courses, our team will observe your use of YoungCRM and discover potential and current gaps where your team can use the platform even better.


The importance of an ongoing training

Training will start at the beginning of the project, but should continue after your solution has gone live. Sometimes new YoungCRM users joins your organisation and sometimes your current staff needs to refresh the use of YoungCRM. Whatever you needs are, it is always possible for you as a customer to book an online training session – tailored for your specific organisation, department or employee.

Our training team makes it easy for every employee to understand the different elements of YoungCRM and use the software optimally. We always tailor the training to your specific organisational setting and strive to make everyone a better attractor and recruiter.

Erik Carillo, Manager of Support & Quality

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