A proven methodology

To make the implementation fast and effective


A great software is not great without great users. To make sure that you get the full potential out of YoungCRM, implementation is a very important step for us to give you the best start.

Start up meeting

Our implementation process begins with an online start up meeting, where you will get a detailed introduction of YoungCRM and our team will make sure that you have the knowledge to brief the rest of your organisation about the future changes.

At the start up meeting our team will ask you for relevant information about your business requirements and organisational setup – making sure that we configure the platform in the best possible way for you. Some of your requirements will be fulfilled with our standard features and some will require us to customise the software for you.

After our start up meeting, you will have an ongoing dialogue with our implementation team to make sure that the software becomes as powerful as possible for you before it goes live.

Make your own settings

To kickstart the use of YoungCRM, you need to add your own fields and processes in the software. For example create welcome emails to newcomers, design work flows and choose how to enlist your insights and target groups. Your customisation of YoungCRM is an ongoing process. Thus, our implementation team will help you to integrate the most important features before you go live.

Our team of specialists are experts in software implementation. However what makes our team unique is our professional knowledge to make a company or an educational institution succesful. We understand your daily challenges and have the experience to find the right way to attract and recruit.

Erik Carillo, Manager of Support & Quality

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