Let us improve your branding

 And help you to get the attention of your target groups


As a part of the consulting house, CompanYoung, we have the possibility to set up YoungCRM customers with very skilled in-house developers, graphic designers and media experts. This will help you to go the extra length and optimise the way you attract and recruit.

The consulting process is very flexible. You will be in contact with your usual client manager from YoungCRM. He will make sure that the consultation is tailored to the exact needs of your organisation and that every solution is closely integrated with your platform. Unlike using a typical consulting agency, you don’t have to buy everything before you go live – instead you can go with the flow and buy our services, whenever you need to get an extra boost.


Examples of our consulting

 Understand your target group and how to brand yourself more effectively

Make a strategy to become visible on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Google

Improve your visual identity and the way you communicate

 Create the right online content, e.g. with films, photos and storytelling

 Engage brand ambassadors to represent your brand online and offline


Who is CompanYoung?

The starting point of CompanYoung is young employer branding. In this field they are the market leader in Denmark. In the last 10 years CompanYoung has been analysing how the educational and career choice of young people is influenced, e.g. by websites and social media. This expertise is used by CompanYoung to help companies and educational institutions target the youth and attract them.

“YoungCRM gives customers the complete platform to attract and recruit by themselves. However to empower the effort and make your brand even more visible, we offer you professional consulting by connecting you with CompanYoung”

Casper Evers, Client Manager
(+45) 40570644

More types of services

Consulting is one of many ways we service you. Read about our other ways.