We help you implement YoungCRM the best way by giving you a detailed introduction to the functionalities of YoungCRM, and configuring the capabilities of the software to your organisation. The implementation always begins with a start up meeting to make sure that our team understands your workflow and business challenges. Our team will help you make YoungCRM valuable from day one.


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When you integrate a new software, all employees need guidance to understand the full potential of all features and integrate it into their workflow. Our training sessions help you roll out the software, and will continue after you have gone live. Training is not only about learning, it is also about learnings. During the training our team will test the software and find out to optimise it even better for your operations.


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What defines YoungCRM is that our support team goes far to help you and therefore offers assistance as fast as possible, no matter which time zone you are in. You can reach us by phone, email and chat, or easily book an online session. It is important for our support team to know every customer and understand the specific way they use YoungCRM. As a customer you will discover that our customer service is compassionate and personal.


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As a part of CompanYoung, we have the possibility to help you with different kinds of creative and analytical consulting projects, e.g. make a strategy to increase visibility on social media, or improve your visual identity on your website. Our consulting is very flexible and always closely integrated with YoungCRM and the way you attract and recruit newcomers.


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What define our services

Technical proficiency
Compassionate and personal touch
Fast and efficient
Tailored for your organisation
Experts in recruitment
Understand your business context

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