Lead Generation

Lead generation for schools is the process of collecting contact information from prospective students. There are basically two main purposes for doing this. Firstly, too build relationships with the prospective students and try to convince them to apply, through marketing campaigns and lead nurturing. Secondly, to get insights of the people that show interest in the school.

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Landing pages


The Student Recruitment Platform gives you the possibility to build your own effective landing pages, so you can brand yourself and lead visitors into the CRM system by including call-to-action forms.

The use of landing pages varies from school to school. Some colleges use them to promote specific educational programs. Some continuation schools use them to promote an Open House event. Universities often make landing pages in different languages to target international students. What you choose to promote, is always up to you!


Online forms


When schools collect personal data from visitors on their website, they need to have online forms. The Student Recruitment Platform makes this simple. The platform gives you access to a drag-and-drop form builder and makes it possible to embed the forms on your website.

Online forms are not only an online tool. Schools can use forms at education fairs or open house events. By bringing an iPad or laptop, they can make people sign up for more information. By making people sign up, schools make sure that they don’t lose the contact after the event.

For schools regulated by the GDPR, forms are necessary tools to become compliant. Every time schools collect new personal data, the data subject has to give explicit consent that he/she agrees with the terms. We help you to include the right terms.


Manage your own events


You can make your own events and manage them easily in the system. This is great tool for the school open house season and specific events you arrange to promote the school.

To get as many people as possible to attend the events, you can embed an event calendar on your website to show all the dates of your coming events and make people sign up.

In the system you will get an overview of registered people, participants, and cancellations, and you can make an automatic waiting list for people who wish to join the event. It is also possible to communicate directly with the event participants, e.g. give them more details by e-mail, or sending them a text reminder of the event.


Get a live chat module


A live chat module gives schools a new way to interact with visitors on their website or landing pages and lead them into the CRM system as a new contact.

Research shows that a chat module improves the credibility of a website and fasten the administration process. This is very suitable for schools.

With the younger generation, using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as the preferred communication channel, they are accustomed to communicate through chat. Thus, a chat module is a future channel for education institutions to connect with students.

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By bringing lead tools, CRM, marketing and admission together, the Student Recruitment Platform is the complete solution to attract and admit new students.