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How to attract more of the right students

Invest time in your prospects


An education choice is a difficult decision for most young people – and it may takes months and even years to decide. The key to a successful student recruitment strategy is to influence the decision making on a regular basis – transforming the visitors to applicants. This strategy takes times, but when it is done in a timely manner, your recruitment process becomes easy and efficient!

1. Convert students

… With lead tools

When you create awareness about your education institution, you will reach a large and anonymous target group. Some will remember you and send an application, but the majority will forget all about your effort. To strengthen your recruitment, it is important to remove the layer of anonymity and retrieve the details of the people who show interest.

To get new leads, you can build your own landing pages and forms, embed live chat on your website and get contact details through API.




2. Manage students

… with CRM tools

Once you have enquirer information of your prospects, a modern customer relationship management (CRM) system is vital for optimising communication and insights and reducing spreadsheets and manual rutines. Our CRM tools is very flexible. This make it easy to customize the software for the need of your education institution.

To manage students, you can streamline communication, build workflows, segmentate prospects, get valuable insights and manage your own events.




3. Convince students

… with marketing tools

Student recruitment marketing is an effective way to convert prospect to future applicants. With a good marketing effort, you can target all relevant markets, appeal directly to the persona’s needs and motivations and built good relationships with prospective students, who will keep you education institution in top of their mind.

To convince students, you can create campaigns, build mailflows, design good looking mails and plan your activities with marketing insights. 




4. Screen students

… with application tools

When you get applications, you need tools to choose who will become new students. In countries where the education system is more central, you still need tools to screen and know your newcomers.

To screen students, you can create your own admission forms, compare applicants, collaborate with colleagues and send automatic status reports.




“With YoungCRM we have optimized our recruitment proces and achieved lower time-to-hire and even higher quality in our hires.”

Morten Guldberg, HR Manager PWT Group

“With YoungCRM we have optimized our recruitment proces and achieved lower time-to-hire and even higher quality in our hires and even higher quality in our hires”.

Mads Guldberg, HR Manager, Barbie Industries A/S Incorporation Yeah

“With YoungCRM we have optimized our recruitment proces and achieved lower time-to-hire and even higher quality in our hires”.

Morten Guldberg, HR Manager PWT Group


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