Improve your employer and student branding by gaining valuable insights. Learn about what works and what doesn’t. Learn who your applicants and talents are in order to build better recruitment marketing campaigns and processes.

With data comes great knowledge.


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Instant Reports

Whatever audience you are interested in, you can make “on-the-go” reports.

Planned Reports

Setup planned reports to keep you updated on your performance.


Who are you attracting?

Learn more about the demographics of your audience.

What does your pool think?

Ask the right questions to find out more about your audience. Use data fields and tests to see who they are.

Where did they find you?

YoungCRM tracks the origin of each signup, giving you valuable insights to your recruitment marketing campaigns.

More ways to use YoungCRM

Talent Pipeline Management is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.