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The core of our platform is a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

This gives you an simple overview of the current status of potential students, keep track of who is who and streamline and automate your communication across colleagues. It will also give you tools to analyse your prospects and group them into different segments.


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Use CRM actively in student counselling


An important feature in CRM system is the possible to make conversations directly in the CRM without using an email client. This will streamline your communication by giving the whole team access to every conversations made with prospects.

Another key to communicate effectively is to know where prospective students are in the recruiting process and what kind of assisting they need. With our CRM tools you can quickly form a picture of the prospective student in a single integrated contact record, where you have access to all personal information and interaction.

Among other things, the following activities are registered:

  • When the person signs up via a form
  • When the person signs up to an event
  • When a user changes the person’s data
  • When a user writes a message to the person
  • When a user writes a comment about the person

Build your own work flows


When the CRM system has a big amount of prospects, it can be difficult to follow up on every lead. With our system you can make sure that nobody is overlooked by creating your own workflows.

  • You can change the “status” of a person which makes it easier for those who are handling the person as well as for others to see the current status.
  • You can connect users of the system with individual persons. This means that you can set yourself or a colleague as responsible for managing a person.

It is important to notice, that every education institution has unique work processes. For this reason, you can customise the workflows for your specific need.


Make the right segmentation


An education institution will often get in contact with different kind of people.

  • Some are prospects interested in a specific study discipline
  • Some are foreigners searching for an exchange programme
  • Some are prospects still too young to start the education
  • Some users may be parents looking for a potential education for their children.

A great tool to keep track of people in your system, is to divide people into different segments. Sometimes you want to save the segment and settle it as group, and sometimes you just want to use the segmentation temporary for a specific event or e-mail campaign. It is up to you.

The segmentation tool is very flexible. You are shown a big amount of filters. By using the filters, you can include and exclude people and find just the right target group.



Become better at attracting through valuable insights


By having a good data discipline and tracking everything, you can extract valuable information to optimize your attractiveness for future students.

In the long term, you can make sure that you appeal to the right ones and you get more out of the money you spend to recruit.

Our insight module include two kind of features:

  • You can see relevant statistics about the people you have collected.
  • You can make your own insight reports to investigate a specific topic.

Manage events


Make your own event forms

When you let people sign up for the event, it is important to think about what kind of information you wish to collect about the people who participate in the event. Where are they from? Are the potential students? And what are they interested in? In our Event Manager it is up to you what data fields you wish to include in the registration form.

Get an overview of the event and communicate with participants

In the Event Manager you will get an overview of registered people, participants and cancellations, and you can make an automatic waiting list to people who wish to join the event. It is possible to communicate directly with the event participants, e.g. giving them more details by e-mail, or sending them a SMS reminder of the event.

Check in feature 

A typical issue of an event is that is difficult to keep track of how many of those who signed up actually show up. You can, of course, ask them to check in before the event but this is not the ideal way. Instead, you can create an arrival form for every event. It is a form where you can manually tick off people from a list of all participants.


More ways to use YoungCRM

Communication is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.

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