Talent Pipeline Management

Stay ahead! By building a talent pipeline, your chances in the “hunt for talent” will increase. The quality of candidates will increase and your time-to-hire will be reduced. Talent Pipeline Management is used in many organisations worldwide to continuously engage with potential talent.

Use Talent Pipeline Management to:

  • Stay relevant
  • Stay ahead of competition
  • Maintain relationships with potential talent
  • Keep track of your candidates


Start building your pipeline

Collect information

Capture potential candidates by using your existing touchpoints to sign up talent. Collect signups at career fairs, websites, open house or through advertising.

Use this information to engage appropriately with your audience.

Build relationships

Start interacting, once you have signed up potential talent. Use automated workflows that send the potential talent relevant information based on the information they have filled out.

Manage and keep track

Use our person chart to see all activity you have had with the potential talent. You can see all interactions and you can rate or add more information.

Put a name on each potential candidate and get to know them.

Segments and views

Use our segmentation tool to group your pipeline or search for talent with specific attributes. In this way, you can always dive into your talent pipeline.

Keep track

You can extend your YoungCRM account with the integration “YCRM Infoscreen”. It is an external application that lets you visualise your pipeline on a map.

This makes it easy to keep track on the current status of your pipeline.

More ways to use YoungCRM

Talent Pipeline Management is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.