Video Recruitment

Our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has a built-in Video Recruitment module. Let the young talent show you who they are by utilising video.

By letting them showcase themselves, you give them the opportunity to be creative and straightforward. Also, this makes the selection easier for the recruiter

It’s a win-win situation.


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Job board

YoungCRM comes with a built-in job portal that lets you post new openings directly to your website without any hassle.

Easy management

Managing applications has never been easier. Our recruiter platform is simple and fast to use.

Application flow

Our unique application flow makes the recruitment process nice and easy for the applicant.

Video Recruiting

Use video to make the recruitment process more fun and efficient for both the candidate and recruiter.

Profile Match

By using our Profile Match, YoungCRM will automatically help you select the right candidates.

Collaborative Rating

Let your colleagues pitch in and help you rate and screen candidates.

Share your openings

Share your job openings to a wide range of job boards, social media etc.

More ways to use YoungCRM

Video Recruiting is one of many ways to use YoungCRM. Read about more ways to use YoungCRM below.