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The story about YoungCRM began in Denmark in 2014. The company CompanYoung A/S had been working with companies and educational institutions for several years to help them attract young people through recruitment campaigns, websites and media advertising.

Through the collaborating with customers CompanYoung discovered that many did not have a professional CRM and ATS platform to engage students and talents. YoungCRM was therefore developed as a tool to make attraction and recruiting more efficient and valuable for the customers.

Many customers have since joined YoungCRM, and in 2017 YoungCRM became a unit of its own and through the unit is still part of CompanYoung, YoungCRM now has its own ambitions and its own dedicated employees. Thus, the purpose of YoungCRM will always remain the same. It is not just an efficient software – it is a solution through which we work with customers and allow them to attract and recruit better.


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Our awesome team


In our HQ in Aalborg, you’ll find a mix of sales executives, developers, and designers. We are proud of our awesome team. They are 100% committed to building the best experience for candidates and recruiters.

At YoungCRM we work hard to create a challenging, exciting and fun environment in our offices, and we are always looking for the brightest and most ambitious talents to develop our software and improve our customer relations.


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Our partners


YoungCRM partners help our customers implement and succeed in using YoungCRM. They are experts in YoungCRM and have all received extensive training in all platform features.

Also, our partners have a direct line to our product development team to make sure we always hear about customer needs.


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