Learn how Lagkagehuset could hire 8 candidates within a month

by Christian Mehlsen

October 19, 2017

The vast expansion of Lagkagehuset had to be supported by an effective recruitment process. For this Lagkagehuset needed a new system that could handle and quicken the whole recruitment process both at home and abroad. With this in mind, Lagkagehuset formed a partnership with YoungCRM in 2017.

The Company

Lagkagehuset was founded in 2008 as a company that focuses on high quality baking and delicious bread and pastry. The company is a well known all across Denmark with more than 70 stores. Lagkagehuset is a company in full flow and is in the process of a rapid development and expansion. The HR department of Lagkagehuset had a central focus, was located at headquarter and was screening all new candidates.

The Challenge

After having been approached by YoungCRM, Lagkagehuset agreed to a partnership as they had an interest in finding a new and much more efficient way in handling the recruitment process. YoungCRM and Lagkagehuset therefore met and tried to map the different challenges of the company:

  • The first and biggest issue for Lagkagehuset was that the company had a recruitment system that had the disadvantage of being difficult to overview, in particular regarding contact to candidates. Lagkagehuset required a system that had video application, a talent bank and that the system could be used internationally as well. All functions were furthermore required to be joint. The General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) from EU also had to be taken into a count.
  • With the vast expansion Lagkagehuset is experiencing, time was a an essential challenge for them to solve, as they were looking for many new candidates and the process of screening and hiring them had to be much quicker and more efficient.
  • The expansion rate also made it very difficult for Lagkagehuset to provide a good and decent candidate experience for those that applied for an open position.



Once the challenges for Lagkagehuset was laid out, YoungCRM came up with a series of suggestions that would solve the issues of Lagkagehuset’s recruitment process:

  • Initially a YoungCRM platform was set up for Lagkagehuset along with a talent bank. This was placed at the top of their websites job section for promotion of the possibilities that Lagkagehuset is offering in terms of open positions
  • Workshops were held for the HR department of Lagkagehuset in order to train their employees in how to optimally use the new recruitment system.
  • There was a focus on the legal side of the recruitment system in order to counter the GDPR.


“We were able to put the recruitment system to immediate use”

The Results

The implementation of the YoungCRM solutions, has paid off immediately for Lagkagehuset as multiple results already have surfaced

  • The ‘time to hire’ has been significantly reduced..
  • 8 new candidates were hired within the first month through the use of the talent bank without having to spend any resources on job advertisement.
  • The recruitment system is ready to be applied internationally and operates within the new GDPR from EU.


The Future

Lagkagehuset will in the future be able to use the new recruitment system as an important part of their expansion abroad. The talent bank will play a vital part in the process, as it will be expanded further with still more candidates. The entire recruitment process for Lagkagehuset will be quicker and more efficient, and the company can look forward to saving both time and money on the process. Lastly, Lagkagehuset will find themselves in the favourable position of being self-sufficient, when it comes to relevant candidates.


Christian Mehlsen

Christian is marketing specialist in YoungCRM. He is responsible for marketing and web content. It is important for him to work knowledge-based and always have a technical understanding of how to attract and recruit