Customer Story: IDdesign

by Christian Mehlsen

October 13, 2017

The Danish furniture giant IDdesign came to the conclusion they needed a new user-friendly system that provided a high-quality experience for the applicants and was tailored to their needs when recruiting. The company also needed a way to shorten their recruiting process. With this in mind, IDdesign chose to form a partnership with YoungCRM in 2017.

The Company

IDdesign is the largest retailer within the business of furniture and home decorating in Denmark. The company owns the brands IDdesign, IDEmøbler and ILVA, is currently occupying approximately 1000 employees within 71 stores and has a turnover of 1.7 billion DKK. The central HR department is located at headquarter and they handle the majority of the recruitment process, with the assistance from the store managers when it comes to finale screening.

The Challenge

Once contact was established with IDdesign, a YoungCRM team sat down with the company and held four different workshops in an attempt to map the recruitment challenges IDdesign was facing:

  • New user-friendly system
    The system IDdesign required, had to be user friendly and be set up in a way that matched their needs for their website. Furthermore it had to be easy to integrate on the website without them having to spend their own IT resources during the start-up.
  • Long application process
    The system needed to be able to pre-screen candidates and reuse the applications in order to shorten and make IDdesign’s recruitment process more efficient.

The solution

After having mapped the different challenges for IDdesign, we started looking at how YoungCRM could provide sufficient solutions:

  • Firstly, a YoungCRM account was set up for IDdesign to help the process of understanding the specific needs of the company.
  • Secondly, a talent bank was created. Through this, a screening process was established focusing on the values of IDdesign along with a demanded video application system, in order to shorten the recruitment process and reuse the talented applicants.
  • In addition, a job portal was embedded on the website of IDdesign plus counselling was given to the company regarding the set up of the job portal.

“YoungCRM is always open to our input on how to make the platform even better.”

The Results

Several aspects of the recruitment process has improved significantly for IDdesign since the collaboration with Young CRM:

  • A faster screening process with up to 20% through the use of video application and parameter based screening.
  • Savings on recruitment software with 25%
  • Ability to reuse applications from relevant talents

The Future

IDdesign is on a continuous basis, applying and implementing the solutions provided by Young CRM. This will also cause a reduction in media costs. The future will also bring the opportunity to recruit from the basis of their own talent bank, which again will save them time on hiring.


Christian Mehlsen

Christian is marketing specialist in YoungCRM. He is responsible for marketing and web content. It is important for him to work knowledge-based and always have a technical understanding of how to attract and recruit