CEGO was able to meet the EU regulations

by Christian Mehlsen

October 17, 2017

In 2017, it became evident for the gaming company CEGO, that something had to be done with regards to improving their recruitment process. Demands from EU that had to be taken into consideration in a recruitment software, along with wishes of attracting the right talent, made CEGO turn to YoungCRM for a solution.

The Company

CEGO is a gaming company located in Aalborg and is focusing on the development of online causal games, casino games and slots. The company is at the moment occupying around 90 employees and is the owner of the three subsidiaries Magnetgaming.com, Spilnu.dk and Komogvind.dk. In terms of HR, CEGO’s has a HR department that supports the team leaders in the recruitment process.

The Challenges

After having reached out to YoungCRM and explained their recruitment situation, CEGO sat down with a team from YoungCRM in a more detailed workshop and tried to figure out what challenges CEGO were facing:

  • CEGO had no recruitment software to help them in their screening process and was therefore lacking a more efficient overview of the applicants.
  • The recruitment system had to live up to the General Data Protection Regulation set up by the EU in order for it to be legal for CEGO to use.
  • CEGO were concerned with how to find and attract the best developers for their teams.


The Solution

Once all the information was extracted from the workshops with CEGO, YoungCRM went to the drawing board and came up with a number of solutions to the challenges of CEGO:

  • A YoungCRM account was set up for CEGO to solve the challenges around the sought recruitment system and as a way of managing candidate applications. There was an intense focus on the legal side of the recruitment system in order to counter the regulations from EU.
  • CEGO was given a talent bank, which would allow them to keep the talented developers they needed for future hires.
  • Lastly, a job section was build into the CEGO website.


“We are now 100% compliant with the GDPR.”

The Results

After the implementation of YoungCRM, the recruitment process of CEGO has improved on several parameters:

  • A fully tested set up of the recruitment system in terms of a legal focus and the ability to have a smoother management of applications.
  • Improvement of employer branding and image through a better and more efficient candidate treatment that ensures a high-quality candidate experience.
  • A reduced ‘time to hire’ and the ability to keep talented developers through the use of the CEGO talent bank.


The Future

CEGO is looking at a positive prospect after having implemented the solutions from YoungCRM. In the future, CEGO will focus on recruiting from their own talent bank, which will ensure a larger pipeline of future recruitments of talents. It also means, that CEGO in the future, will spend far less resources on the recruitment process as a whole.


Christian Mehlsen

Christian is marketing specialist in YoungCRM. He is responsible for marketing and web content. It is important for him to work knowledge-based and always have a technical understanding of how to attract and recruit