PWT Group reduced hiring time by 50%

by Christian Mehlsen

October 18, 2017

2017 marked the beginning of a bigger change in the way PWT Group looked at their recruitment process. With the realisation of a vulnerability that followed a resignation from an employee, came the decision of forming a partnership with YoungCRM to try and solve the challenges from their ponderous recruitment system.

The Company 

The textile company PWT Group, located in Aalborg, is a large brand in the clothing business and focuses its products on men looking for quality and high fashion. PWT is the owner of multiple brands such as Bison and Lindbergh, and also including their own retail chains Tøjeksperten and Wagner. Beside their own chains, more than 1000 independent retailers sell the clothing of the PWT brands. Some of these retailers can also be found abroad. PWT had independent HR partners and was screening for both the retailers and headquarter. The store managers and department managers were only part of the last part of the process when the final few candidates had been selected.

The Challenge

A YoungCRM team sat down with PWT for a couple of workshops and was involved in the challenges PWT was facing:

  • The biggest issue was that the existing recruitment software of PWT was ponderous and slow, in particular in terms of the ‘time to hire’. This slow process made the company vulnerable when a resignation was received, due to how much time was needed to fill out the vacant position.
  • It was important to PWT, that the new system could be applied internationally, as well as in Denmark, since the company has retailers in other countries. These stores abroad were also meant to use the new recruitment system.


The Solution

After having had a sufficient layout of the issues PWT Group was facing, YoungCRM started working on a solution to the challenges:

  • After the initial step of setting up a YoungCRM account for PWT was taken, YoungCRM set up a series of screening parameters to help the screening process of PWT to become more efficient and much quicker.
  • A talent bank was set up for PWT with an additional dashboard that would be online live and could keep the company up to date on what was going on in their talent bank. YoungCRM would also assist in filling the PWT talent bank with relevant candidates.
  • As a solution to PWT having to make sure they had talents enough in their talent bank in case of a resignation, a function was added to ensure that rejections of candidates would be converted to the candidate becoming a part of the PWT talent bank. In case that the profile of the candidate did not match the open position, PWT would still be able to draw on the talents of the candidate if another more suitable position should open up..


“We have reduced the time of the overall recruitment process with 50%”

The Results

The changes from YoungCRM have proven to be effective and have entailed a lot of improvements in the recruitment process for PWT:

  • Reducing the time it takes to set up a job advert to 10% of what it used to be.
  • A 50% shorter ‘time to hire’ and an overall recruitment process that now moves twice as fast.
  • A better visual design and an improved overview of the talent bank and where the talents are most needed. The dashboard of the talent bank makes it easier for PWT to know how to maximise its resources and which retailers are most in short with relevant candidates.
  • The system is also being applied abroad.


The Future

PWT are looking at a future where their time spent on the recruitment process, has been reduced by 50%. They will work on becoming sharper at where the resources are needed, meaning which candidates are needed and where and through this be less vulnerable in case of a resignation. In other words, PWT will have ensured their pipeline of candidates in the future. YoungCRM is continuously a part of PWT’s recruitment process trough consulting workshops on a quarterly basis.


Christian Mehlsen

Christian is marketing specialist in YoungCRM. He is responsible for marketing and web content. It is important for him to work knowledge-based and always have a technical understanding of how to attract and recruit