CRM for Student Recruitment

Candidate Relationship Management is essential for schools to manage all the student inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. In the Student Attraction Platform the CRM system helps schools to manage prospective students in different ways: It helps you get an overview, communicate, build workflows, and get key insights of the prospects.

    Segmentation       Workflows      Communication

Segment the prospects


To keep the overview of all your prospects, the Student Attraction Platform lets you arrange your prospects in different groups. E.g. you make a group with international students and a group with parents. It is up to you. The segmentation tool is very flexible.

Another way to organise the CRM better is to choose what kind of filters you want to make visible or invisible in the system. You can include standard fields, like country, city, age, email and phone number or add custom fields, e.g. see which events the prospects have visited and what fase they have reached in your workflows.



When a CRM system has a big amount of prospects, it can be difficult to follow up on every lead. Workflows make it possible to create customised flows or processes that can be used to manage people. You can name the workflow/the process and create different phases in the flow.

When you are using workflows, you need to change the “status” of a person in the system, when the current status of a person changes. Besides this, you can connect users of the system to specific workflows. This means you can set yourself or a colleague as responsible for managing a specific phase of the recruitment.




A key to communicate effectively with prospective students is to know what kind of assistance they may need.

With our CRM tools you can quickly form a picture of the students in a single integrated contact record with access to all personal information and a log of all contact points with the individual person, e.g. see if the prospect has visited your campus, but not yet applied.

In the integrated contact record, you can have chat conversations with the individual prospects. In this way you can skip the part of setting up an email client. In the platform all conversations with a person are collected in one place. This makes it possible to see if prospects have been in dialogue with some of your team members.


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