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YoungCRM allows you to build a career page in a couple of hours without further technical skills. By building a career page, you can visualise your employer brand and attract the best candidates for your job positions or talent pool. You can make as many types of career pages as you like and use them for whatever purpose. You’re the builder!


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Basic functions


 Build a page based on our well-proven templates

 Customise your page by dragging elements around

 Edit color, alignment and design with a few clicks

 Insert CSS coding for advanced editing

 Mobile-responsive without technical adjustments

Preview your page on phones, tablets and PC’s

Why make Career Pages?


Regardless of your business’ purpose, the website should have an engaging career section to show off your employer brand! Opening up about the organisation can be crucial in order to attract candidates, and make sure they do not choose a position with competitors. It is no longer sufficient to rely on the assumption that a solid and reputable brand is associated with attractive career opportunities. Effort is key.



Create unique content


 Insert top menu, logo, background photos and call-to-action buttons

 Tell about your company through text and photos

 Set up links to external or internal pages

 Include team member photos, quotes and portraits

 Create info-boxes and counters to highlight your unique selling point (USP)






 Show your open positions from your YoungCRM job portal

 Embed forms made in YoungCRM to sign up candidates

 Show your address with a Google Map Module

 Insert a video from YouTube or Vimeo

 Get social media icons and link to your channels



Purposes of Career Pages

Sign talents up
Get more applications
Promote hiring activities
Improve your SEO
Complement Job Ads

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