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It is important to make the recruitment process approachable for the candidate, but also workable for the hiring manager. The Applicant Tracking Software of YoungCRM provides employers with extensive tools to collect applications, make screening fast, qualitative and personal, evaluate the recruitment strategy, and give candidates a great experience. So start hiring new candidates!

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Collect Applications


The main difference, in comparison to similar tools, is that the software is built on the candidate’s terms. Our goal is to deliver the smoothest and coolest recruiting process as possible for candidates by integrating job ads, personal testing, and video recruiting.

 Build your own job ads and application forms 

Embed a job portal on your website or career page

 Create questionnaires and personal test 

 Collect videos resumes

 Give applying candidates access to a personal profile 

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Applicant screening


A typical applicant screening software automates the recruitment processes as much as possible to save you more time. In YoungCRM we also have tools for this. However, it is important for us to allow recruiters to stay compassionate all the way by giving them simple and intelligent tools for screening.

 Get a fast overview of all personal data and uploaded files 

Sort your job seekers by different filters 

 Rate the candidates by your own chosen parameters 

 Get an automatic profile match score 

 Show how your team members have interacted with the job seeker

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Communication tools


As a prospective employee, it can be very discouraging not hearing a word after you have sent an application. To make your employer brand shine and get job seekers to return, again and again, you need to prioritize communication. YoungCRM helps you to communicate and give a great candidate experience.

 Automate your messages in the hiring process 

Create standard mails to use for a job interview invitation and rejection letters

 Communicate 1:1 with the job seekers in a messenger module 

 Send updates and reminders by text message 

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Evaluate Your Hiring


Recruiting today has become more data-driven. YoungCRM has integrated this approach. We give you tools to create your own insight reports to analyze different factors of your recruitment strategy.

 Analyse demographic and geographic data of your target groups 

Get insights of your candidate sourcing channels

 Compare the effects of your job vacancies 

 Gather feedback from job seekers about the recruitment process 

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Features of the ATS

Video Application
Job Portal
Profile Matching Technology
Flow with tests and analysis
Form builder
Direct Mail Module
Event Manager
Insight tools

Customer Stories


The Applicant Tracking Software of YoungCRM is very flexible and suitable no matter if you get a large or small number of applicants. Read a few examples of customers who are using YoungCRM with benefits.

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