Facilitates and improves attraction of young talent

YoungCRM is built to increase the recruiter’s talent track record


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(Finally) a recruiting platform build to increase talent attraction!

YoungCRM is a Software as a Service built for recruiters at companies and educational institutions.

The main difference, in comparison with similar tools, is that the software is built on the young candidate’s terms. More specifically on the Millennial’s terms. Our goal is to deliver the smoothest and coolest recruiting process as possible. By using gamification, video recruiting, messenger etc., we help you engage with young talent and improve your employer or student brand.


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Amazing clients increasing their talent track record using YoungCRM


How to use YoungCRM?

Check out how you can use YoungCRM and see how you can benefit from it. Let us help you make your attraction and recruitment process as smooth, cool and insightful as possible.

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We are very dedicated to our purpose. We want young people to take the right career move. When we do that, we are a success for both our customers and the candidates. Start your talent attraction today.


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